It’s not strictly about air cargo, but the brass neck of the US big three airlines never ceases to amaze. And the European Commission has decided to do something about it, reports ATW. It has given the US a “stern warning” not to break the EU-US open skies agreement. The big three are claiming that Air Italy, in which Qatar Airways has a 49% stake, is simply a conduit for the Middle Eastern carrier to operate fifth freedom flights into the US, despite it having agreed not to – and despite it too having an open skies agreement. But the EC has said it would “take all steps necessary to defend the rights of the European Union, its member states and its air carriers”. 

The letter adds: “Any measure to curtail or end the rights of Air Italy to serve the US would constitute a clear and serious violation of the ATA. Such action would be unprecedented and would put into question the most fundamental principles under which our aviation relations have so successfully developed over more than 10 years.” 

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