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CNBC has interviewed Frank Appel, head honcho of DP DHL. He’s quite interesting on a few issues including China, technology and drones. On China, he’s bullish, pointing out that even with slower growth, it’s still a huge economy – and that it would not have been good for the world if China had continued to grow at 10%, thereby becoming an ever greater part of the global economy. The interviewer, (who clearly hasn’t heard of the technology problems at DHL Global Forwarding, with its New Forwarding Environment fiasco) moves on to DHL’s technology prowess. Mr Appel says automation is tougher than it may seem – humans make things appear effortless that actually aren’t, if you are a robot, although smart glasses have lead to a 25% productivity gain. Finally, drones: Mr Appel says the cost and limitations make it a niche market. But, much as was suggested in The Loadstar‘s April fool story,- he asks, why not use them to serve ships? A good few minutes of TV time – but there is, of course, an annoying ad first.

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