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Luxembourg, December 2014 – Cargolux has achieved an all-time record performance in block hours, cycles and tonnage during November 2014. Block hours have exceeded 10,000 hours a month for the first time in the company’s history and reached 10,224 hours, 8.7% higher than in November 2013. The Cargolux fleet of 22 747-8F and 747-400F flew 1,766 cycles, another all- time high for the airline.

During November, Cargolux carried 76,504 tons of freight, again more than in any other month in its history and 3.1% higher than November 2013. For the 11 months to November 2014, Cargolux grew its tonnage by 10.5% against the same period in 2013.
The airline also recorded a continuously high daily aircraft utilization rate at 15.52 hours per day for its fleet, one of the highest utilization rates in the industry, if not the highest.

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  • Lucien Galano

    December 16, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Good Luck Cargolux, I hope that all these numbers, presented without comparison, are not just a marketing gimmick ..but the more I read them the more I get the impression this is just marketing crap. Or perhaps because it’s not clear without comparisons up to November. I do hope the classical error has not been made here by the fantastic new management … in other words 3 percent more tonnage does not necessarily mean more revenues, if costs increase by close to 9 percent in the form of more hours? And are we talking about the same number of aircraft in the fleet in November 13 versus November 14 – so this performance does not need 22 aircraft? ROI would be of interest to know now …good luck!