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Things are relatively quiet this morning, but it may simply be more of that breath-holding we are familiar with.

Despite a second tentative agreement being reached by both parties today, nothing is finalised yet and, after this week’s rollercoaster, most of us are probably hesitating to let out a sigh of relief.

On the upside, the ports of Rupert and Vancouver appear to be cycling a regular turnover at the moment. Four vessels that were at berth in Vancouver have departed since yesterday, allowing room for more to jump in with no time wasted. One vessel also departed Rupert yesterday after two and a half days at berth.

In Vancouver, there are currently nine vessels in port (seven of those being at berth), five waiting and seven steaming towards. At Rupert, we have two vessels in port (both at berth), one waiting and five steaming towards.

Congestion at both ports is significantly lower, with Vancouver at 36% and Rupert at 33%

On long-term schedule changes, we have had the announcement of three more blanks into the long weeks, bringing the total this week to four. No new confirmations today of port swaps or diversions.

Even if the strike does not resume in the coming weeks, it is likely we will still see a scattering of more blanks and diversions as carriers take measure of the lingering whiplash.

Delays (new)

MOL Charisma @ Cavan moved from 2 August to 4 August

OOCL Oakland @ Cavan moved from 24 Aug to 27 Aug.

Blanks (new)

Blank being added in week 30 for 2M – WCNA loop 5

Blank added in w34 for Ocean – PSW2

Blank added in w35 for THEA – PN2

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