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Integrated solution will utilise Autoterminal Khalifa Port and AD Ports Group capabilities to serve automotive industry from Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 27 July 2023:  AD Ports Group (ADX: ADPORTS), the leading facilitator of global trade, logistics, and industry, has announced that it has signed multiple collaboration agreements with Shandong Port Group (SPG), a conglomerate based in Shandong Province, China, which provides port operations, port infrastructure construction, cargo transportation, warehousing, and other services, and operates investment businesses.

The deal leverages the ‘Sister Ports’ agreement between Shandong Port and Khalifa Port to forge a partnership and strengthen cooperation between the two, announced in December 2021.

Under the agreement, SPG will transport passenger vehicles from its ports in China to Autoterminal Khalifa Port, to be stored and displayed within facilities in KEZAD.

The agreements covering all aspects of the operations, display and services, were signed at an event at Autoterminal Khalifa Port, which has already received the first batch of vehicles.

The new cooperation is established to strengthen the position of Abu Dhabi as a preferred destination for Chinese Automotive Industry.

Abdullah Al Hameli, CEO of Economic Cities & Free Zones, AD Ports Group said: “Our agreement leverages the value various clusters of AD Ports Group brings to businesses. As an integrated hub for trade, logistics and Industry, KEZAD Group continues to support the development of the diversified economy of Abu Dhabi and the UAE in line with the vision of our wise leadership. We will continue to work with like-minded conglomerates like SPG to achieve this aim. Both Groups are active players in implementing China’s Belt and Road Initiative, further promoting trade cooperation and accelerating growth.”

Saif Al Mazrouei, CEO of Ports Cluster, AD Ports Group said: “We are pleased to be entering into this collaborative partnership with Shandong Ports Group, an agreement that signifies the convergence of shared vision and mutual growth. The impressive infrastructure and the unrivaled operational efficiency of Khalifa Port and KEZAD is a testament to the exceptional vision and strategic foresight of the UAE Leadership.

“Our agreements with Shandong Ports Group underscore our commitment to fostering global connections and serving as a catalyst for economic growth. As we embark on this journey together, we are poised to redefine logistics and port operations, setting new benchmarks for the industry at large, whilst driving prosperity and further strengthening our position globally.”

Jai Funing, the Deputy General Manager of Shandong Port Group said: “SPG has always believed and advocated that ‘transportation is the artery of the economy, and the link to that binds civilisation.’ SPG plans to establish MENA regional center in the UAE, and in Abu Dhabi more specifically, in 2023. By continuously improving the overseas supply chain of product exports, it will rapidly improve the overseas market competitiveness of China’s tire and commercial vehicle industries, SPG firmly believes in reaching a higher level of cooperation with AD Ports Group in the future.”

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