© Nuthawut Somsuk trade war
© Nuthawut Somsuk

Ceasefire? It seems China and the US have stepped back and are willing to negotiate, with the latter announcing a 90-day suspension to the imposition of further tariffs on Chinese goods. The move follows what Bloomberg describes as a “high-stakes” dinner meeting held between Messrs Trump and Xi yesterday on the sidelines of the Buenos Aires G20 summit. However, the same report notes differences between statements from both governments. It seems in the People’s Republic, reference to the “90-days” has been all but scrubbed from state media. And while that same state media noted that the agreement included a reference to the US continuing to respect the One-China policy, stateside, One-China was absent from the discussion. Over on CNBC  the experts are suggesting that despite the ceasefire, the war is still ablaze. Apparently, many of those in the know feel the 90-day period offers little, if any, time to achieve any real movement towards trade peace.

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