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France’s logistics sector has been hit by a day of national protests. Responding to newly elected president Macron’s “flagship” labour reforms, the country’s biggest trade union CGT has called on French workers to take to streets and vent their grievances. More than 4,000 strikes and some 180 street protests are expected, according to The Local. The UK’s Road Haulage Association has tweeted that workers at the Port of Calais have joined the strike, leaving the RHA concerned for the safety of UK-bound truckers: “As union workers at Calais join today’s French national strike. UK-bound HGV drivers will inevitably become easy pickings for migrants,” said the association. Flights across the country have also been cancelled with air traffic controllers joining the action, leading to delays throughout Europe. Among the carriers affected are British Airways, and Air France, while Air Berlin is struggling with a mass of “sickness-related absences”, according to The Independent.

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