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Following the launch of Sodexi’s brand new state of the art Express Hub at Paris CDG, Jérôme Balbi, managing director, has announced the renewal of the contract with China Southern Cargo.

“We have handled transit mail bags for the airline for some time and now through the new Express hub, in addition to our existing destinations of Madrid, Warsaw, Buenos Aires and Rio, we are adding a number of new destinations. These are –   Milan, Riyadh, Copenhagen, Prague, Athens, Mexico city, Budapest, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Vienna, Lima and Kiev.

“The mailbags arrive from Guangzhou  on a China Southern flight, are transferred immediately into our Express Hub where they are sorted for the appropriate Air France flight. The distance to the aircraft position is now much shorter and we are able to load within several hours. The market for high speed transfers demands a quicker and more efficient solution and that is why we have placed this facility just a few metres from the aircraft. The state of the art sorter can handle up to 6000 packages of 32Kilos per hour which is on a par with the integrators.  Handling this kind of traffic is exactly the reason for our building the new Express Hub”.