A “game-changing” new digital cargo platform is enabling “hands-free” visibility and automated warehouse operations, using RFID.

Cargocast, backed by Tigers Global, tracks each piece of cargo, pinpointing its location within a two-foot radius. Processes such as goods acceptance can then be fully automated, preventing errors, helping identify problems, and increasing efficiency for forwarders, airlines and handlers. It will also reduce costs, claimed Cargocast.

The company, which has an innovation lab in Atlanta, already boasts a leading European ground handler and top-five forwarder among its clients.

Cargocast is headed by chief executive Dan Diephouse, who brings more than 15 years of expertise running enterprise software businesses, most recently at MuleSoft.

“We’ve developed proprietary processes and technology that leverage the latest advances in RFID to achieve levels of accuracy that were never before possible,” he said. “This is a gamechanger for companies looking to build a strategic advantage in the air cargo industry.”

Former director of cargo for Air Canada Mike Morey has also joined the team.

“Everyone knows that real-time, piece-level tracking is the future, but very few companies have been able to get there without a massive rip and replacement of their existing systems and processes,” he explained.

Cargocast makes piece-level tracking possible, while also delivering cost savings and working with customers’ existing legacy systems.

“Digitisation of cargo operations is non-optional if logistics providers want to meet the quality and speed needs of today’s shippers,” added Mr Diephouse.

Cargocast is the only solution that can make cargo a truly digital asset, opening up new possibilities around visibility, automation, and optimisation.”

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