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This year marks a significant milestone for us at Tuscor Lloyds, as we celebrate our 30th birthday it feels right to reflect over the years and share with you some of the key accomplishments we’ve achieved.

Let us take you back to where our story began…

In 1994, we inaugurated our first office in Manchester, amidst the backdrop of containerisation’s expanding growth since the 1980s. The market landscape then differed significantly from today’s. While China had not yet joined the World Trade Organization, the groundwork for modern trade routes was already laid.

The emergence of western fiscal markets, along with the establishment of regular liner operations, marked significant milestones. Industry consolidation was still on the horizon, with a multitude of shipping lines operating in diverse regions, each with its unique focus. Similarly, the forwarding sector saw numerous independent companies establishing distinct reputations based on their specialised areas of expertise.

In a market saturated with competitors, our company recognised the imperative to differentiate itself through unique services and a distinctive brand identity. Our name became our beacon of distinction, while our diverse product offerings and personalised one-to-one service approach set us apart. At the same time, the liner shipping industry was undergoing transformative changes, with vessels increasing in size, global transit times decreasing, and transhipment hubs expanding port access.

Embracing this shift towards on-demand service, we positioned ourselves as pioneers, initially supported by a handful of loyal customers. From a modest team of two, we cultivated the seeds of our business, paving the way for future growth.

Our clientele’s diverse needs extended beyond conventional destinations, prompting us to develop a service profile tailored to reach harder-to-access regions in Africa and South America. By establishing reliable connections to destinations with limited port calls, we pre-empted the industry trend, forming our own forwarding network.

With a foothold in the UK to Latin America market, focusing on consolidation services and oversize cargo, we recognised the impending growth spurred by global trade deals. Reduced tariff rates from agreements with the European Union facilitated market openings for new products, particularly in countries like Brazil and Mexico.

These nations’ investments in natural resources and offshore industries fuelled trade expansion, seizing the opportunity, we expanded operations, establishing offices in Mexico and Brazil, swiftly multiplying our presence from one office each in Mexico and Brazil to several. Particularly noteworthy is our success story in Mexico,

In the logistics industry, change is inevitable and since 1994, we’ve witnessed the consolidation of national and regional forwarding companies into global giants, alongside container lines forming distinctive alliances and engaging in mergers. Political and economic shifts further influenced our landscape, anticipating a surge in demand for heavier cargoes as European factories pivoted towards more profitable engineering outputs.

Recognising this trend, we honed our focus on oversize cargo services, building a solid reputation for safe handling. Our expertise attracted early partnerships with container carriers seeking to optimise trade lines with specialised equipment.

Today, we boast a longstanding reputation with container carriers for handling diverse cargo types, while continuing to support general Cargo and Ro-Ro vessels. Our presence in boardrooms, advocating for investment in staff and capacity for Breakbulk cargoes, has been proven as container carriers increasingly accommodate such shipments. Our adaptability and foresight have enabled us to navigate industry shifts, ensuring our relevance and reliability in an ever-evolving market landscape.

We look forward with dedication and passion, excelling with knowledge and supporting one another, whilst together we nurture our ever-growing family. Together we know there is nothing we cannot achieve!