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Divers inspecting the underside of the grounded Evergreen ship, Ever Forward, confirmed that the hull is intact and the propeller and rudder are “fully functional”.

And, according to Evergreen, there has been no leakage of fuel so far as a result of the grounding of the 12,000 teu Ever Forward ran aground on Sunday as it departed the port in Baltimore.

The company said it had appointed salvor Donjon Smit to join the rescue operation.

It added: “A team of experts are at the scene to assess the vessel’s grounding condition, the weight of the cargo on board and the tidal range at the location in Chesapeake Bay. This information will be used to design an effective plan to refloat Ever Forward. As soon as the plan is approved by the competent authority, we will immediately put it into effect.”

According to reports, a team of salvage experts, including naval architects, has boarded the vessel to determine the best course of action to refloat the vessel.

General Avaerage had not been declared at the time of going to press.

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