The Loadstar was voted the Freightos Experts’ Choice top supply chain and logistics news site in 2015, and short-listed for the Seahorse International Editor of the Year Award.

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Gavin van Marle, managing editor

Gavin joined The Loadstar from Lloyds List, where he was senior reporter. He was previously editor of IFW and before that Cargo Systems. He  contributes to the quarterly publication, Container Shipping & Trade, and also does some consultancy for the sea freight industry, providing insight to shippers and other companies. Gavin is also the author of the acclaimed book Around the World in Freighty Ways: Adventures in Globalisation.
Gavin has won numerous awards, including International Editor of the Year 2018 for The Loadstar,  the Seahorse Journalist of the Year 2011 and 2009, and Supply Chain Journalist of the Year 2010 and 2014.
Gavin specialises in sea freight, supply chain management and e-commerce logistics. You can contact Gavin at or on +44 7825 908 924.

Alex Lennane, publisher

alex pic
Alex launched The Loadstar blog for the air cargo industry in March 2011. It was well-received, which triggered its transformation into the new site in 2012.
Alex is an experienced writer on aviation and logistics, with many contacts throughout the air cargo industry. She was editor of the quarterly magazine Airline Cargo Management for eight years, and  Europe editor for the Seattle-based subscription news service, Cargo Facts, for four years. She freelanced for many of the key logistics titles, such as IFW, HeavyLiftPFI and Cargo Systems after leaving The Guardian newspaper in 2002.
Alex won the Seahorse Supply Chain Journalist of the Year 2011, and was runner-up in 2012, 2013 and 2015, and was Journalist of the Year (runner-up) in both 2010 and 2011, and air cargo journalist of the year in 2018.
Alex specialises in air freight and the forwarding industry. You can contact her at or on +44 7879 334 389.

Mike Wackett FICS, consultant and sea freight correspondent

Mike pic
Mike Wackett joined The Loadstar after editing Containerisation International online for six years, writing a weekly opinion piece for Lloyd’s Loading List, and latterly working as a senior correspondent on Lloyd’s List.
Before a change of direction into journalism in 2007 Mike worked on ‘the other side of the fence’ as the managing director of a shortsea feeder line. In a 30+ year career he has been employed in various sectors of the shipping industry and held several commercial and operational senior management positions.
Mike is a qualified shipbroker and is a past chairman of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers’ East Anglia branch. He is the owner of a shipping consultancy and in this capacity has advised many companies involved in the supply chain.
Mike was chosen as the Seahorse Club Online Journalist of the Year for 2008. You can contact Mike on +44 7808 481 816 or

Alex Whiteman, reporter

Alex started working at The Loadstar in 2016, after stints at Air Cargo Week, Logistics Manager and FreightWeek. He covers all modes and sectors across the supply chain. You can contact him at or on+ 44 207 252 1800.

Sam Whelan, Asia correspondent

Sam pic
Sam joined The Loadstar from TOC Events Worldwide, where he spent four years producing container port, shipping and logistics conferences. During his time with TOC, Sam produced 15 events taking place across four continents, recruited over 500 speakers, and developed a keen interest in the freight industry. Sam is currently based in Vietnam and plans to explore South East Asia whilst covering the region for The Loadstar. You can contact him at


Alessandro Pasetti, financial columnist

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 15.32.51Ale is the founder of Hedging Beta Ltd. He also writes about investment strategy and assets valuation for European clients as well as Seeking Alpha. Based in London, he previously worked for about five years at Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal, producing analysis for the IB community. Prior to that, he contributed to the launch of London-based Loan Radar, where he worked for three years. He had stints in equity research at Bear Stearns in London and HVB in Munich. He did his intermarket analysis research thesis with Unicredit in Milan.
You can contact Alessandro on +44 740 22 555 12 or at


David Badger, production editor

BadgerDavid is the beating heart of The Loadstar – without him, we would have no daily news service. A journalist for more than 45 years, David began his career in local newspapers. In 1997 he joined Informa as Production Editor of International Freighting Weekly (IFW), later becoming Group Production Manager, running a 16-strong team producing a series of B2B titles for the commercial fishing and freighting and logistics industries, including Containerisation International, Hazardous Cargo Bulletin, International Bulk Journal, Freight Transport Buyer Asia and Airtrade. David oversaw the move to online publishing of IFW and Lloyd’s Loading, for which he served as associate editor. He joined The Loadstar in 2012. You can contact him at

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