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“It is utterly unrealistic to uncouple China and the US economically,” says Sourabh Gupta, senior fellow at the Washington-based think tank Institute for China-America Studies, in this piece from Xinhua. Mr Gupta’s comments follow failure to breach the lines in the ongoing trade war between the two super powers “[their] economies are symbiotically connected and are too interdependent to be pried apart”, he adds. Various trade bodies, both foreign and domestic are warning that the US administration’s approach will only hurt US consumers, to the reported tune of $7bn per annum.

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  • Joseph alba

    June 06, 2019 at 11:21 pm

    How do you link trade inequities with the erosion of trade vitality? If your friend always gives you 4 20 P coins as change for your pound sterling, wouldn’t you eventually ask him to give you proper change? Or would you continue to let him get away with short-changing you? The so called “trade war” is the US administrations attempt to fix the trade inequity which was instituted when China was admitted to the WTO a few decades ago. And several US administrations have acted like the man above getting shortchanged and walking away smiling. With all the criticism of the US offer to fix, I have seen a torrent of articles, interviews, objecting to the plan, but not one single alternative to balancing the ledger.