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Damco has launched a new e-commerce service in China, aimed at fulfilling shipments from international retailers to Chinese consumers.

Dubbed the China B2C logistics programme, the company said it had begun offering “a one-stop, end-to-end management solution for e-commerce logistics in China”.

The growing spending power of Chinese consumer and its evolving consumption habits are rapidly becoming a key global economic indicator as the country transitions from an export-led economy to one based on domestic consumption.

Damon Gu, Damco’s head of supply chain management for Asia, said: “The large and rapidly growing Chinese market for online shopping is a magnet for both importers and domestic producers. Online shopping events such as China Singles Day are already creating world-beating levels of activity for e-retailers locally, as well as globally.

“Discerning Chinese consumers in this highly competitive marketplace expect the highest standards of fulfilment. This new programme helps companies to guarantee that level of service. Our many years of experience in China and our vast spread of offices across the country helped us to develop a state-of-the-art, complete and robust solution to merchants’ fulfilment challenges.”

The new service offers retailers the management of the entire process from inbound goods management and consumer order receipt to final delivery to end consumer. It manages receipt of both domestic and imported goods into one of their locations across China, and services include quality control, managing customs clearance, as well as temporary bonded storage.

Mostly this is likely to take place at its Ocean East Logistics centre, located in Shanghai’s burgeoning free-trade zone, where it is able to unstuff import ocean containers.

With EDI links with retailers, the 3PL receives consumers’ online orders and subsequently picks, packs and labels individual consignments and creates the supporting documents.

It then contracts final-mile delivery through its network of subcontracted courier and trucking firms across the country, and claims to be able to fulfil shipments to over 1,600 Chinese cities.

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