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During the first half of 2017, countries such as China, with 282,000 TEUs channeled and the United States with 158,600 TEUs, have positioned themselves as the main countries in channeling their foreign trade through Valenciaport, according to full TEU numbers. These are followed by traffic volume in Spain with 127 thousand TEUs; Turkey with 115.2 thousand; Algeria with 113,100; Brazil with 93,17 thousand; Morocco with 85 thousand; India with 81,100; Canada with 55,100; and Saudi Arabia with 48,900 TEUs channeled.

Specifically, during the first six months of the year, there were significant increases in container traffic with origin / destination in Brazil, with an increase of 24%; Canada, with a rise of 22.50% and Morocco, with an increase of 12.42%.

In terms of traffic per ton, the countries with the highest volume of goods channeled through Valenciaport during the first half of the year have been Spain, with 4.23 million tonnes and a decrease of 4.37%; China, with 3.47 million tonnes and an increase of 10.85%; United States, with 2.43 million tonnes and an advance of 8.99%; Italy, with 2.34 million tonnes and a decline of 9.81%; Algeria, with 2.18 million tonnes and a decrease of 30.56%; Turkey with 1.8 tonnes and an increase of 2.28%; Brazil with 1.5 million tonnes and an increase of 26.12%, Morocco with 1.4 million tonnes and an increase of 18.67%; India, with 1.4 million tonnes and a rise of 13.30%; and France with 944 thousand tonnes and a decrease of 0.85%.

In general terms, in the first semester of 2017, countries which have experienced a greater increase in trade relations have been Peru (+ 226, 60%), Ukraine (+ 41, 83%) and Brazil (+ 26, 12 %). It is noteworthy the increase in exports to France, which amounts to around 60%; and India, with an increase of 32%. In terms of imports, the ones from the United States (45.39%) and Canada (44.36%) have increased significantly in the period from January to June.