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The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has launched a site to help employers and potential recruits gain apprenticeships in the UK forwarding sector.

Aimed at creating a support network, the site features a range of materials including information on funding, hiring and case studies, with tips from BIFA members.

Training development manager Carl Hobbis said: “It’s committed to promote availability of apprenticeships and encourage employers and potential entrants to consider this route.

“BIFA wanted to provide a support system that means its members have the accessible resources to enable them to confidently reach out and engage with local communities.”

Among the advice provided is details on multiple pathways into the logistics sector, and freight forwarding in particular.

The decision to launch the site follows the inauguration of the apprentice category in BIFA’s annual awards, with director general Robert Keen focused on promoting them.

“In 2018, freight apprenticeships came to the fore, and there has already been significant interest from both employers and candidates,” said Mr Keen.

“If you need guidance to cut through all the red tape, the website provides a range of assets that can be used for attending careers or local community days, clarity on funding benefits and practical tips that can create a better chance of hiring the best talent.”

The launch also anticipates the UK’s forthcoming National Apprenticeship Week, which begins on 4 March.

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