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UPS is beginning to lay off some weekend drivers, according to two local chapters of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union, which represents drivers and package handlers at the company. 

Teamsters Local 174 in Washington state said UPS representatives raised the layoffs at the bargaining table with a joint council negotiating a part of their master contract, which expires July 31. 

The affected position, according to the union, is the “22.4” driver, named for the section of the contract that created the position. These drivers work Tuesday through Saturday and top out at $30.64 per hour, while regular drivers can reach $42. The Teamsters see these drivers as “second class” and now regret that the position was approved in their controversial 2018 contract.

Teamsters Local 804 further reported layoffs in three New York locations: Suffolk, on Long Island; Foster, in the southern tier; and Laurelton, in Queens. 

Under the existing contract, affected drivers have the right to work from another location or work two weekly shifts handling packages inside UPS buildings instead of driving, and no so-called Regular Package Drivers can be laid off before a 22.4 driver, according to the 804’s post.

A UPS spokesperson said the company is shifting its capacity to respond to customer demand…

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