Pfizer on Wednesday said its COVID-19 vaccine, jointly developed with BioNTech, is 95% effective according to a final analysis of clinical trial data. 

The shot protects all ages and ethnicities. So far, there have been no significant safety issues. Pfizer will apply for emergency use authorization in the US within days.

The headline readout is better than the 90% efficacy Pfizer reported last week, in an initial assessment of the data. It comes just two days after Moderna said its vaccine is nearly 95% effective. Moderna also plans to file for emergency use authorization from the FDA in the weeks ahead. Data from AstraZeneca is due soon.

Questions will now turn to the durability of the protection and, of course, to the logistical challenges of getting a skeptical public vaccinated — no small feat, to be sure.

All told, 170 trial participants in Pfizer’s study contracted the virus. Only eight who received the vaccine got sick. Nine of the 10 severe cases were in the placebo group. Efficacy in the elderly (those older than 65) was 94%. Fatigue was the only severe side…

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