Budapest, 31 August, 2021 – WABERER’S INTERNATIONAL Nyrt. (hereinafter: “Company”) hereby announces that Board of Directors of Waberer’s appointed Mr. Zsolt Barna as the new CEO from 1 September, 2021. Mr. Barna Erdélyi – who was the acting CEO until now – was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors from 1 September, 2021 by the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 31 August, 2021.

As a BoD member, Mr. Erdélyi will continue to be actively involved in the management of the Company, primarily responsible for the further successful expansion of the Company and its partnership management. The goal of the new management structure is to develop Waberer’s Group not only one of the leading transportation companies in Europe and the market-leading logistics company in Hungary, but also to become the dominant complex logistics player in the region. Mr. Zsolt Barna, who previously led the Regional Contract Logistics (RCL) segment – acting as the managing director of WSZL (Waberer’s-Szemerey Logisztika Kft.), the flagship entity of the segment – already proved its management ability.

WSZL Kft. became the clear market leader transportation and logistics service operator in Hungary during Mr. Barna’s management period. Appointment of Mr. Barna Erdélyi as Group CEO was to manage and execute the transformation process of the Group. The process is already ended with excellent result, that is also proved by the financial results of H1 2021 period published on 6 August. Szabolcs Tóth continues to hold the CFO position of the Waberer’s Group.

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