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Team Global Express (TGE) has signed an 11-year partnership with Aurizon, worth circa $1.8bn over the 11 year period, to operate its containerised rail freight along the East-West (Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth) and North-South (Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne) rail freight networks.

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Team Global Express, which is Australia’s leading intermodal logistics provider, has partnered with Aurizon as their cornerstone customer in the containerised freight market. Aurizon will utilise seven train services for our operations.

CEO of Team Global Express, Christine Holgate said the partnership will significantly improve Australia’s rail freight capacity and choice for more greener options to deliver important freight across our country:

“Our partnership with Aurizon is game-changing for Team Global Express customers, securing them important extra capacity and more choice, in what to date has been a very limited rail market, with restricted capacity and rising tariffs.

“The weather events of recent years have demonstrated how important both choice and capacity on major routes are, to ensure important freight, including food, can still be delivered at times of great need. These events have also evidenced the importance of leveraging rail as a greener solution for transporting freight, to help address climate change and secure our nation’s carbon ambitions.

“Through this partnership, we are able to offer our customers much-needed capacity along crucial routes linking major cities across our country. This presents significant opportunities for reliable deliveries, service efficiencies and less carbon intensive transport solutions for customers, whilst helping ensure regional Australians are served.”

Managing Director and CEO of Aurizon, Andrew Harding said:

“Together with TGE we have designed an innovative transport and logistics solution to best meet their end customer needs.

“We both share a strong commitment to helping achieve a net zero emissions future and recognise the significant role rail can play in helping achieve that goal.”

Team Global Express operates Australia’s most comprehensive and far-reaching intermodal fleet, operating across rail, sea, air and road. Today’s announcement is another milestone supporting Team Global Express’s business transformation, which rebranded from Toll Global Express last year.

“We have a vision to provide Australia’s most sustainable logistics solutions and we are taking active steps to achieve this,” said Holgate.

Last year, Team Global Express announced it was partnering with ARENA to deliver Australia’s largest logistics electric vehicle fleet. The ground breaking trial involves the purchase of 60 large battery electric vehicles and the development of charging infrastructure using renewable energy.


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