samskip truck

Global shipping company Samskip has strengthened its commitment to sustainability in the supply chain with a series of customer projects to advance the use of carbon-neutral biofuel as part of its haulage services.

A new partnership between Samskip, Unilever, and TMA Logistics and is trialing the use of HVO100 fossil-free biofuels supplied by Schouten Olie B.V. by trucks carrying goods for Unilever from the TMA Logistics terminal. In carbon dioxide (CO2) tonne equivalent terms, Samskip’s aim is to save up to 14,500 kilograms of CO2 through the partnership – a reduction of 90% compared to traditional fuels. This is equivalent to the carbon compensation that would be needed from an astonishing 531 trees to result in the carbon footprint generated by conventional fuels.

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