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Transport Intelligence Report: Global Freight Forwarding 2017

The Global Freight Forwarding 2017 report contains more than a decade of market size and forecast data, profiles of the largest forwarders, trade lane analysis, an examination of the technology disrupting freight forwarding and the view from the industry thanks to Ti’s freight forwarding survey. This is all put into context by the introductory chapter: the past, present and future of freight forwarding. 

Exclusive highlights on technology in the freight forwarding industry

The majority of start-up companies are looking to serve sector incumbents, but the more ambitious could potentially disrupt the industry

Several freight forwarding quotation and booking platforms are providing an increasingly compelling service

A profitability divide has already arisen between the companies investing in technology and those which are not

Artificial Intelligence will widen this divide

Exclusive highlights on Ti’s freight forwarding market size and forecasts

The global freight forwarding market is estimated to have grown by 2.7% in real terms in 2016.

Both air and sea markets experienced higher growth than in 2015.

The North American air freight market experienced flat growth in 2016.

Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to grow faster than any other region between 2016 and 2020.


The past, present and future of freight forwarding:

Globalisation and trade patterns

Volume growth

Rate growth


Competitive landscape and consolidation




The Global Freight Forwarding 2017 survey:

View from the industry on key issues facing freight forwarding


Technology and freight forwarding:

Why is digitisation so important for freight forwarding?

Which technologies are changing the industry?

Spot market platforms in practice

Why forwarders will adapt to technology and survive


Vertical sector trade flows:

Regional trade flows by vertical sector

Top 50 country-to-country trade lanes by vertical sector


Market sizing and forecasts:

Largest forwarders by revenue and volume, by air and sea

Market sizing, growth rates and forecasts (air, sea and total) of 89 countries, 7 regions and the world

Market analysis and commentary


Profiles of the largest freight forwarders:

Strategic background

Strategic outlook

SWOT analysis

Financial data

Operational data



All market sizing and trade data in one place


This report is perfect for:

Global manufacturers

Banks and financial institutions

Supply chain managers and directors

Logistics procurement managers

Marketing managers

Knowledge managers


All C-level executives


The report is available to download today – if you would like a sample of the report please click here