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Question: “All these passenger airlines moving freight in passenger cabins. Is it legal? Is it safe? Cargo airlines have very restrictive load restraint requirements and we see passenger airlines just tearing out seats and loading cartons in the gaps.”

There have been several images of passenger aircraft carrying cargo in the cabin.

However, an aviation expert explains that seats in passenger aircraft are attached to the floor by tracks, much like those on the lower deck. Weight requirements for the floor are well known by airlines, and they would also be well aware of balance and how cargo should be handled in the cabin.

“Very few airlines have taken seats out, but it would be up to each airline and its country authorities to decide how cargo can be tied down safely. They know what they are doing, and we have to assume that airlines and authorities are doing this safely.”

Judging by the images available so far, it looks pretty well done.

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  • Pichuiyer Balasubramanian

    March 26, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    Hi Alex. I would tend to agree that very few airlines take seats out since the intent is to use it for a hopefully limited period….. I have heard about airlines using seat belts to carry couriers on passenger seats