Aviation consultancy Landrum & Brown has appointed Kevin Hoffmann as a senior managing consultant.

Mr Hoffmann joins from UPS, where he has spent nearly four decades, first as a peak season driver in the early 1980s, swiftly appointed to a managerial position in the industrial engineering division before being transferred to Atlanta as an airport operations planner.

In 1988 he moved to Louisville where he played a role in the launch of UPS’s airline, going on to work in flight dispatch, contingency and charter operations.

A decade later, he joined airport affairs and properties, going on to work across more than 60 global gateways over 20 years, before he retired.

At the consultancy cargo department he will work alongside former Airports Council International’s Michael Webber and Dan Muscatello, who cut his teeth at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

“We have a seasoned veteran of UPS’s properties and facilities group joining us, and I couldn’t be happier,” Mr Webber told The Loadstar. “He’ll be a terrific addition.”

L&B said: “What keeps all three consultants continuously intrigued is that every airport has its own market nuances and the industry continues to evolve.

“Long gone are several formerly major all-cargo carriers, while Amazon (which had no flights three years ago) is increasingly impacting demand for on-airport cargo facilities capacity.”

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