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Did you know that cargo movements into the EU will be impacted by the ICS2 for maritime regulation, which is scheduled to go into effect for 1 March 2024?

More specifically, Release 3 of the phased ICS2 implementation will soon affect operators carrying goods by sea, road, and rail. Industry watchers are keeping a close eye on the regulation, especially on the maritime requirements which will have substantial impact on business processes.

Across all modes of transport, filers will need to complete an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset when moving goods into the EU.

To fulfill ENS data filing obligations, many businesses will need to revisit the capabilities of their internal systems, business processes, and train employees on the new requirements. Beyond this, operators need mandatory self-conformance testing.

What are the challenges for cargo operations?

ICS2 requires not only connectivity to government agencies and filing within specified time frames but also calls for tight communication between parties. Some key challenges include:

  • Visibility & Control – Since what a carrier files is dependent on the forwarder filing; visibility, control, and information-sharing can be challenging
  • New Data Elements – Determining, managing, and collecting the data elements required for ICS2 compliance is complex and time-consuming
  • Process Challenges – From managing real-time data to complicated subsequent filings, technology is needed to better optimise processes


Descartes has you covered for ICS2

As a long-standing innovator in technology for the air cargo industry, Descartes is at the leading edge of ICS2 compliance. Our solutions are built based upon consultative efforts between carriers, forwarders, and customs agencies to ensure compliance requirements are exceeded.

Descartes technology streamlines data-sharing to enable multi-party collaboration, reduces the risk of submission errors and delays, improves filing efficiency and productivity, enhances customer service with real-time shipment and clearance statuses, and responds to exceptions with robust reporting and alerts.

Descartes technology is also extensible. Our solutions are modeled with a standard and scalable architecture to support similar advanced security filing initiatives worldwide.

Join our upcoming web seminar

Due to the high level of interest in the ICS2 regulation, Descartes is pleased to host an informative web seminar on 11 October at 1pm BST / 2pm CEST / 8am US ET, “ICS2: Maritime Requirements Are Coming Soon!“.


This web seminar will feature a general informative and technical overview of the regulation, review your questions, and detail how leading forwarders and carriers are enabling compliance.

This interactive session, featuring Martin Meacock, vice president, Product Management from Descartes and Jan Markill, account executive from Descartes, will cover the ICS2 regulation in depth and how the new maritime requirements may impact you. Topics include:

  • Data Flow Process – How the flow of data will work throughout the supply chain
  • Your Questions Answered – Ask questions about ICS2 during an interactive Q&A
  • Enabling Compliance – How to leverage technology to remain in compliance


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