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It’s a good thing markets no longer trouble themselves which such trivial matters as rapidly deteriorating relations between the world’s two superpowers, because China is apparently harboring a fugitive at their San Francisco consulate.

Long story short, Tang Juan, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, who came to the US on a J-1 visa, was assessed to be active Chinese military personnel last month.

On her visa application, she did not mention her work at a PLA-affiliated university in China, an omission constituting visa fraud.

The FBI obtained a warrant, searched her home, and apparently found evidence to support the notion that she is, in fact, affiliated with the Chinese military. On June 26, she was charged. (The criminal complaint contains two yearbook-style pictures of Tang in a uniform.)

“During an interview with FBI agents on June 20, 2020, Tang denied serving in the Chinese military, claimed she did not know the meaning of the insignia on her uniform, and that wearing a military uniform was required for attendance at FMMU because it was a military school”, the US wrote, in a court filing, adding that, [The] FBI executed a search warrant…

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