Tim Scharwath, Interview
Tim Scharwath, Interview BVL Magazin 23.08.2019 weiter Informationen: Steffen Ermisch

It may be written by Tim Scharwath, chief of DHL Global Forwarding, but this will resonate among all forwarders.

Noting that the group has suspended the publication of its Global Trade Barometer, which is unable to read accurately the current pressures, Mr Scharwath said that while the initial data (pre-Covid) was showing improvement, he remained optimistic – his  confidence boosted by how people are dealing with the new normal.

He has seen forwarders find “smart, unorthodox and pragmatic ways of solving problems”.

“You can be sure you have a good team of freight forwarders when they move cargo safely and punctually in normal times, but you know that you have an excellent team of freight forwarders when they get shipments and freight moved in times like these.”

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