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Unimasters has chosen eLogii, the leading next generation Delivery Management and Route Optimisation solution to replace static with fully dynamic delivery tour planning. The result will be in significantly reduced tour numbers in their first and last mile operations and greatly enhanced efficiency.

Unimasters is an advanced supply chain management company with regional infrastructure and global reach through first-class partners in 178 countries. The company provides managed transportation and logistics-as-a-service to a wide range of multinational and local customers.

Unimasters had trialled a number of solutions with the aim of moving to fully dynamic planning, improving delivery accuracy, saving processing time and driving improved customer service and had struggled to find a solution with the combination of flexibility, configurability and scalability that it needed.

With eLogii’s powerful SaaS solution, Unimasters is now able to have complete, dynamic control over pickup and delivery operations, including automated planning (taking into account all relevant operational parameters) and route optimisation of first and last mile, while providing total visibility for both their operations teams and their customers.

According to Nikolai Bozhilov, Executive Chairman of Unimasters Logistics Plc, “We have been extremely impressed with the capabilities of the eLogii solution, as well as the value for money that the solution provides. The solution is enterprise-grade, but our teams find it as easy to use as consumer software. We forecast significant savings, as well as a materially enhanced customer experience which is why we are looking forward to a strong multi-year partnership together.”

“Enterprise-grade logistics software doesn’t have to be so difficult to use or overpriced – we have the most user friendly, cost-effective solution in the market, which we will build into the market standard when it comes to Delivery Management” says Andrew Mukerjee, Founder and CEO of eLogii/Brisqq. “Unimasters is an extremely forward-thinking business which always puts the customer first, and we are looking forward to supporting their growth by enabling a phenomenal customer experience for years to come”.

About eLogii:
eLogii ( is the leading Delivery Management platform enabling interactive route optimisation, planning and dispatch for delivery and field services organisations – regardless of the business size,  industry, and complexity of an organisation’s operations

About Unimasters:
Unimasters Logistics Plc is an innovative, advanced supply chain management company, headquartered in Bulgaria with fully owned subsidiaries in Romania and Hungary. It specialises in delivering a range of customer-oriented, technologically and operationally advanced solutions in the field of transportation, freight management, logistics and e-commerce.