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Chilean Cherries: from port to market in only 2.5 hours

On December 25, Christmas Day in the West, the Nansha Harbor Area of the port of Nansha saw the arrival of the container ship Lloyd Don Giovanni, the very first cherry express service from Evergreen. The unloading, customs clearance, release and transportation to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market were completed within only 2.5 hours, bringing the freshest Chilean cherries to eager Chinese consumers. This set the record for the fastest and most cost-effective cherry express service in South China.

The shipment comprised 23 containers of cherries in total, of which six containers (26%) were inspected. The containers that did not require inspection were shipped to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market, five vehicles of cherries were transferred from the Haixin Cold Storage Inspection Center to Shanghai, and one vehicle of cherries was transferred to Jiaxing market in Zhejiang province. After this first shipment many more containers followed during the short and time-sensitive cherry season.

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Port of Nansha is the nearest deepsea port to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale market, one of the biggest markets in China. Through the ‘Nansha-corridor’ products arriving in Port of Nansha can have a shorter lead time to the market at substantial lower costs with savings up to USD$800 per container compared to Hong Kong or Shenzhen Ports. Nansha Harbor Area is the nearest wharf to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market. Through the “Nansha Express”, produce arriving at Nansha Harbor Area can reach the Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market on the same day as their arrival via Hong Kong.

The Chilean cherry express line’s completion, from ship unloading to arrival at the market, in only 2.5 hours reflects the ultrafast and incomparable “Nansha Speed”, which is the result of the collaborative efforts of Nansha customs, port and wharf operators, Evergreen Marine, import traders, customs declaration agents, Longxue Fleet, the Haixin Cold Storage Inspection Center and others.

Increased cold storage capacity by early 2021

With continuous double-digit growth of reefer containers year-on-year at Port of Nansha, the port is extending its Cold Chain logistics service to a strategic Hub function for South China. Six eight-story cold storage facilities are currently under construction at the Nansha International Logistics Center in a partnership between the Port of Guangzhou and Dalian Port Yidu Cold Chain. Their completion will increase the storage capacity by 460,000 tons and make this the largest cold and fresh produce port in South China. Phase 1 of the project is expected to be completed and in operation in Q1 2021. The Cold Chain facility will offer bonded and non-bonded warehouse space.

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    January 05, 2021 at 8:33 am

    Thanks for sharing this with the community. We are also importing products from China.