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In this Deep Dive Loadstar Podcast, Mike King explores how and why the acceleration in e-commerce trade, due the Covid-19 pandemic, is changing retail and the world of international freight. How are supply chains being transformed? What does this mean for planning and procurement? And, as integrators, trucking companies, forwarders, 3PLs and retailers seek new supply chain profit centres, who will win this ‘battle royal’?


Cathy Roberson, president of Logistics Trends & Insights

Tom Enright, VP, retail supply chain, Gartner

Peter Sand, chief analyst at Xeneta

Lee Klaskow, senior analyst for transportation and logistics at Bloomberg Intelligence

Neel Jones Shah, Flexport executive VP and global head of airfreight.

Jason Miller, associate professor of logistics, department of supply chain management, Michigan State University — Eli Broad College of Business


Clip 1: Deep Dive 2, 2022. How Covid-19 accelerated e-commerce – Tom Enright

Clip 2: Deep Dive 2, 2022. The importance of warehousing to e-commerce success – Cathy Roberson

Clip 3, Deep Dive 2, 2022. Why e-commerce is so critical to air cargo’s future success – Neel Jones Shah


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Created, produced and hosted by Mike King


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