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In this Big Interview, The Loadstar Podcast editor and producer Mike King gets the view of the freight and shipping world from the perspective of shippers, as he interviews James Hookham, secretary general of the Global Shippers’ Forum.

He asks why shippers still want reform of the liner industry, even as rates decline? Also discussed are the impacts Covid disruptions and soaring freight rates have had on SMEs, why container lines need more regulation, how carriers and shippers can build trust so they can cooperate more fully on critical challenges, including how to decarbonise supply chains, and why more action needs to be taken to stop insects getting into boxes.

Episode in more detail

Logistics now: The shippers’ perspective (1.24)

The outlook in Europe (4.14)

China as a manufacturing centre (5.33)

Brexit and Truss (8.04)

Shipper view of container lines and EC regulations (13.34)

The dangers of bugs in boxes (26.00)

Building more sustainable supply chains (31.00)

2023 challenges (35.10)


Credits: created, produced and hosted by Mike King

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