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The Stop Ecocide movement will be watching a court case, as pension funds and environmental lawyer ClientEarth team up to sue 11 directors from Shell, with interest.

Stop Ecocide is a group dedicated to legally “holding company bosses to account for the destruction of the environment and ecosystems”, working closely with the International Criminal Court and a number of nation states to introduce a new law.

ClientEarth is said to have a token shareholding in Shell and the UK Guardian reports these shareholders are looking to “hold corporate directors liable for failing to properly prepare their company for the net zero transition”.

In addition, London CIV, which manages the London local government pension scheme, was scathing with regard to Shell’s climate transition proposals.

Its head of responsible investment, Jacqueline Amy Jackson, said: “Over the next few decades a billion lives and trillions of pounds will be at risk due to a single issue, climate change. We do not believe the board has adopted a reasonable or effective strategy to manage the climate risks affecting Shell. In our view, the board of a high-emitting company has a fiduciary duty to manage climate risk.”

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