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MSC expanded its online services today, launching its Instant Quote function.

The new tool allows shippers and forwarders to obtain shipping rates for container bookings 24/7.

The company added it represented an upgrade to the myMSC platform and that the coronavirus pandemic had been a catalyst to its development.

“The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the trend towards digitalisation within the industry and the importance of engaging customers through multiple platforms, including through e-business,” said Andre Simha, MSC’s chief digital & information officer.

“This upgrade of myMSC is a clear illustration of our continuing efforts to invest in digital business transformation, with the aim to improve efficiency and transparency and give our customers more options,” he added.

MSC admitted that so far the majority of its bookings had been made offline, which “can take some time to complete.

It said: “Using Instant Quote, customers can generate an online quote in seconds with just a few simple clicks, 24/7 online. They then have the option to instantly complete the booking with the generated quote on myMSC.

“Alternatively, they can save the quote or forward it to multiple contacts for booking at a later stage.

“The automated quote generation also reduces room for human error, further improving the efficiency of the process.”

However, Instant Quote is currently only available for transpacific and Asia-Europe customers, although “for locations where intermodal services are available, customers can opt for end-to-end rates from origin to destination”.

MSC intends to roll the program out across other trades during the remainder of this year.

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