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Logistics technology provider Slync.io announced Friday the firing of CEO Chris Kirchner and removed him as chairman of its board of directors.

In a statement to FreightWaves, the board said it has appointed Timothy F. Kehoe, Slync’s former chief of staff and retired U.S. Army colonel, to serve as interim president.

“In conjunction with the recent leadership change, we at Slync are restructuring the organization to drive more value for our current and future customers,” said Kehoe in an email. “We remain focused on moving the business forward and transforming the logistics industry with purpose-built solutions to improve operational efficiency, create sustainable growth and accelerate return on investment for some of the best organizations in the world.”

The company and Kirchner had come under fire in recent months after he failed to pay employees for months, used his private jet to fly to celebrity golf tournaments and attempted to buy an English soccer team. 

After finding out about his suspension July 25, Kirchner retaliated by locking out some executives from the company’s communication channels, a source familiar with the situation said…

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