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DW reports:

Indian high tech manufacturing may be the big winner as rich countries around the world are rethinking globalization and their heavy reliance on China as the coronavirus pandemic slows down.

It has been a bad year for Chinese businesses working around the globe. Tariffs and the trade war between China and the US forced many companies to rethink supply chains and where they make and sell goods. Many other companies have been looking for alternatives because of the increased labor costs and more strict environmental laws. But that was just the beginning of China’s problems. 

The COVID-19 pandemic started in the country, led to shutdowns and forced people to stay at home. As it spread, factories, shops, restaurants and schools around the world were closed. Millions lost their jobs and economies went into tailspins. Though some countries are again open for business, recovery will be slow and painful. Talk of recession is everywhere.

China has come under scrutiny as the source of the virus and as a place to do business. The US has been most vocal, but they are not alone. Other countries are looking to shore up their own manufacturing and businesses are looking for the path of least resistance.

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