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PRESS RELEASE: Located close to the airport, railway and motorway, DSV’s new site in Rosersberg north of Stockholm offers an entire range of transport and logistics services and will be ready for use by the end of 2021.

The traffic around Stockholm is particularly dense during rush hours and in addition to its cross-docking terminal in southern Stockholm DSV will establish a logistics centre at the Northern part of the city.

With the new location, goods for local customers can be shuttled between the northern and southern sites and be distributed from either of the locations. We will to a great extent avoid most rush hour problems which will enable us to improve on both pick-up, delivery times and reliability,” says Magnus Malmqvist, Managing Director, DSV Road AB, Sweden.

Continued demand for advanced warehouses and logistics solutions

Driven by e-commerce, the demand for advanced warehouse solutions customised to meet the requirements of this segment continues to increase.

With the new site, we can offer automated robotic storage combined with narrow aisle racking and thus a very efficient and competitive utilisation of the general warehouse space. The capacity is almost twice that of a conventional warehouse,” says Ian Swinhoe, Managing Director, DSV Solutions AB, Sweden

DSV aims to grow organically and through acquisitions, and the company is convinced that with the new strategically located logistics centre it will be able to attract more new customers looking for advanced solutions.

Focus on efficiency and sustainability

The warehouse will occupy approximately 68,000 sqm and feature an automated robotic storage system and narrow aisle racking systems and altogether provide twice the usual warehouse capacity. The location will also comprise a 5,000 sqm cross-docking area and office space.

We are always looking for sustainable solutions when building new sites. The buildings will be DGNB certified, 80% of the materials can be reused, solar panels on the roof will provide a large part of the electricity required for the operation and the building’s expected lifespan is minimum 50 years,” says Brian Winther Almind, Executive Vice President, Group Property.

Construction of the new almost 70,000 sqm facility is expected to begin in February and to be completed by the end of 2021. The new location is expected to bring an approximately 200 new jobs to the Rosersberg area.

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