APL Vanda in Hamburg Credit VesselFinder

CMA CGM has advised that, in addition to the 55 containers lost overboard in heavy weather, a further 36 containers were damaged when a stack collapsed.

The carrier has not said how many of the lost or damaged boxes were carrying dangerous cargo, or indeed what any of the lost and damaged units contained.

The company said: “APL Vanda has stopped at Djibouti to clear the damaged containers on deck before safely continuing her voyage.

“Operations in Djibouti started promptly with the assistance of professional salvors and, so far, 20 damaged containers have been safely discharged.”

In addition, the carrier said, the APL Vanda‘s revised vessel schedule would be circulated once the damaged cargo containers had been removed.

The Loadstar has again written to CMA CGM for clarification on container losses, but so far the carrier has not responded.

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  • Ash Patel

    July 29, 2022 at 6:56 am

    We have 2 containers for Southampton on this APL VANDA, and if CMA CGM proceed with their original plan of moving the goods off onto APL FULLTERTON at TANGER MED we would receive the goods in October, surely the goods don’t need to go all the way to Asia before making their way back to the UK Again.

    Hoping they dont proceed with their originally posted roll over notice, and there is a alternative to get the containers from Tanger Med to Southampton.
    Communication from CMA CGM is not very clear what is the latest plan of action. Surely there must be a plan but nobody is aware of it.