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CHAMP’s new business intelligence service provides daily updates, greater depth of information, and dashboards 

CHAMP Cargosystems has launched its latest service, MarketAnalytics. Building on trials with 28 airlines and forwarders, the new service delivers insights with the same speed promise made by air cargo. Just as air cargo can move shipments to anywhere in the world within 24 hours, MarketAnalytics brings new insights updated daily.

The service uses system integrations to get detailed updates from across the supply chain. That means that it offers more detailed information and potentially greater coverage than traditional services, which can help clients to respond to market changes more quickly.

MarketAnalytics leverages Power BI advanced capabilities to show private and market data through dashboards, and across many dimensions. Individual managers can easily use the service to manage their areas of the business and to get personalized alerts. That can help them to spot changes and opportunities. It can also inform discussions with partners and clients. The ability to look at information by commodity and type of handling, in particular, is proving to be very popular.

“Data is nothing without a powerful analytics platform to interpret it,” says Christopher Shawdon, Head of Business Development at CHAMP Cargosystems. “As providers of rapid transportation, airlines and forwarders can use MarketAnalytics to connect, link, and evaluate data and insights faster in order to better serve their clients’ changing needs.”

CHAMP’s MarketAnalytics processes data in line with a privacy policy that reflects competition and anti-trust laws. Oversight and innovation of the service will be driven through customer advisory boards.

The service is now available to every airline and forwarder, whatever cargo system they operate and will be expanded to additional supply chain stakeholders in future.

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