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SEEKING ALPHA‘s Wall Street Breakfast daily is now out:

The competition for AI dominance is heating up as the world’s biggest tech giants go all in on an area that will “impact every product across every company.” That’s the opinion of Google (GOOG, GOOGL) CEO Sundar Pichai, who hastily released the company’s chatbot called Bard in March after Microsoft (MSFT) poured billions of dollars into ChatGPT maker OpenAI (overnight reports also suggested that Samsung may turn to AI-powered Bing). The developing industry isn’t limited to chatbots, with calls to pause many AI tools until new safety standards for the technology are in place, such as regulations for the economy, laws to punish abuse, and international treaties to make artificial intelligence safe for the world.

Is society prepared for what’s coming? “On one hand, I feel no, because the pace at which we can think and adapt as societal institutions, compared to the pace at which the technology is evolving, there seems to be a mismatch,” Pichai told CBS’s 60 Minutes. “On the other hand, compared to any other technology, I’ve seen more people worried about it earlier in its life cycle… and worried about the implications.” Knowledge workers could face the biggest disruption from future AI technologies, he added, and could unsettle professions like writers, accountants, architects and even software engineers…

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