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Big news in Germany. Der Spiegel reports that the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office has raided 17 businesses and premises in relation to bribery and corruption allegations, including at least one employee of Lufthansa Cargo and its 100% subsidiary, Handling Counts. The newspaper said that there was a total of five people under investigation over a period of two years, one of whom is said to be a top director of Handling Counts and a senior Lufthansa Cargo executive. The two-year period under examination has not been revealed, but a quick look at LinkedIn shows one or two senior names at Handling Counts. Lufthansa Cargo has issued a fairly bland statement saying it was “co-operating” and giving the authorities “every assistance”, but that “no further details can be disclosed”. German readers should go to the Der Spiegel link, English readers will have to go to a blander Reuters report.






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