B&H - Ptacnik

B&H Worldwide has appointed Jakub Ptacnik (pictured above) as business development manager for its new Prague office.

Mr Ptacnik joins the company from Boeing Distribution Services, where he served as manager of sales for a little over three months and during a nine-year spell at Interturbine, Mr Ptacnik had been responsible for business development across the Czech Republic and Poland.

B&H described central and eastern Europe as a particular area of focus and one in which it is looking to grow its market share and said Mr Ptacnik’s extensive experience in distribution of aerospace and aviation consumables would prove an “essential” asset for these growth prospects.

Group sales director Seth Profit said that over the last year the company had experienced “significant” growth across the continent.

“This business expansion will also support our newly initiated Customer First programme which will give us more customer-facing resources. And this will allow us to meet our growth targets and maintain the best-in-class quality of our services and solutions.”

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