Secretary general of the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) Chris Welsh has joined the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association’s (ICHCA) board of directors.

Mr Welsh’s appointment comes four years after the GSF joined the ICHCA to promote cooperation between shippers and the international cargo handling community.

Since then, they have worked on issues including development of a compromise proposal with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) surrounding shippers’ provision of a verified gross mass (VGM) for containers.

Richard Brough, technical advisor to ICHCA International, said Mr Welsh had been instrumental in GSF’s work with the ICHCA, World Shipping Council and TT Club in developing industry FAQs for VGM.

Mr Welsh said he was honoured to be joining the board.

“GSF’s involvement in ICHCA has promoted wider recognition of cargo and cargo handling interests throughout the maritime supply chain and has led to a greater understanding of these broader supply chain interests in IMO and other UN agencies such as ILO and UNECE.

“Our mutual aim is to enhance the influence of these interests and to exploit opportunities for future membership development and other synergies internationally.”

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