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Someone was bound to try to draw come sort of comparison between the hot water movie mogul and alleged narcissistic sex pest Harvey Weinstein is now drowning in, and the similarly awful stuff that goes on in every other industry – and shipping is clearly no exception. Splash 24/7 is running a wonderful piece today by Futurenautics founder Kate Adamson on what can be learned from the woeful Mr Weinstein and his stubbly jowls and sordid sexcapades: that power dynamics – in every industry – that enabled him to coerce women are just the same as those that allow unconscionable shipowners to abandon crews all over the world. But those dynamics are also disappearing: “In our increasingly hyper-connected world the days of the industry Weinsteins really are numbered, because as the digital ecosystems develop which connect new stakeholders around ships and shipping’s customers, the bathrobe is just going to hang open, it’s going to be ripped off altogether.”

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  • Jaye

    October 16, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Sexual predators exist in every industry in every country …..the media and logistics are no different. I have had at least 4 personal experiences since I started in logistics media over 16 years ago.