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Igor Mojzes

CILT has interviewed Santa Claus, who reveals that while his gift distribution strategy may look seamless, much like everyone else’s, it actually takes months of planning. About one-third of the world’s children celebrate Christmas, which means he must make about 433 million drop-offs. Bricked-up chimneys require redelivery slots and things are made worse by the time limit (a 22-hour window) remaining constant, but there has been a 60% rise in child population in the last 50 years, much of which is not concentrated near Lapland. On the plus side, presents are getting smaller – you can fit more selfie sticks in a sleigh than teddy bears or rocking horses. And of course, frictionless borders are paramount, he adds.

PS: If you have kids, try out the “Where is Santa?” app by NORAD. In our experience, it is good for world geography, and for keeping kids occupied on Christmas Eve …

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