Daring gnomes escape from the Ever Given...© Dmitriy Os Ivanov

A (light-hearted) Twitter poll by Flexport, which has some 43 boxes on the Ever Given, asked: should the company a) wait patiently; b) sue everyone; or c) carry out a daring hostage rescue operation? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the latter option won 60% of the vote, with people suggesting daring helicopter or drone raids, or making use of Flexport’s recent hiring of ex-marines.

Which leads us to the latest Ever Given crisis – some of the containers were full of garden gnomes, and they are now in desperate need of a daring rescue, as British gardeners bemoan the loss of new hirsute little chums for their gardens. One garden centre worker said he hadn’t seen any new gnomes for months and had been looking globally for home gnome suppliers. So, come on Flexport, it’s time to rescue the poor gnomeless gnomes…

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