Algeciras port and Gibraltar Rock
Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain - June 24, 2021: Ships, containers and cranes in the commercial port of Algeciras, with the rock of Gibraltar in the background with a large cloud above


07 July 2022 – GEFCO, the global expert in supply chain and top supplier in automation logistics in Europe, has launched its new centre in Algeciras, which is already operating, as part of its goal of stablishing a strategy oriented towards strengthening its logistics chains.

GEFCO Group has opened the June 15th a new centre in Algeciras as part of its global strategy to facilitate its customers’ access to Europe and Morocco. The company hopes to settle in one of the key locations for the transit of goods between Europe and Africa, by offering all the services of a port structure, among which a completely operational control tower can be included.

The centre has been marked as a key strategic location by the company due to the Strait of Gibraltar´s geographic relevance as an essential part of the Europe-Africa-Europe crossing. The company seeks to achieve two essential goals: to widen its position, becoming the main operator in Morocco´s corridor, and to create a hub in Algeciras, through a reception and distribution platform for goods that allows for a fast-paced service even in times of high volume of shipments.

Thanks to this new centre, GEFCO can offer its customers all the services of a port structure, including transit and customs mediation, a documents control unit, monitoring and escort of goods from the port circuit to their shipment point and the use of train transport from Algeciras port to the rest of Europe.

Michael Koundri, GEFCO Director for Morocco´s Corridor said: “The new center will be available 24 hours a day and it will include high level security with the objective of ensuring the safe transit of goods. In GEFCO we trust we can adapt to our customers´ specific needs and guarantee an exceptional logistics experience”.

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