Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) held its 2nd annual meeting at the 5-star Landmark Hotel, in Bangkok, Thailand in October.

Despite being only 17 months young, the EGLN team, consisting of industry veterans Roy Stapleton (president & founder) and Des Vertannes (EGLN members ambassador), attracted 206 delegates from 138 companies.

Last year EGLN was proud to have 151 delegates at the inaugural meeting.

“It was mind blowing to have such a positive response to our second meeting but shows the eagerness of our six-star members to continue our desire to always be the “best of the best” and turn up in style,” said Mr Stapleton.

During the four days, members exceeded 6,000 one-on-one meetings while key carriers IAG Cargo and Jet Airways also attended, pending their MoU with EGLN.

Since inception in May 2015, EGLN has not marketed its network but relied on pure elite industry connections nurtured over many years of relationships.

It has also added 40+ new quality members since last year – whom all come referred by existing members.

EGLN today has 196 members in 127 countries, with aggregate revenues exceeding $7bn, with 487 offices in 277 cities.  EGLN expects to have 250 members by the end of 2017.


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