CNBC reports:

– Emirates is working with major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, to transport vaccines to the world when needed.

– The Pfizer vaccine candidate must be kept at around -100 degrees Fahrenheit (-70 Celsius) in order to maintain optimal efficacy. 

– “There is a global imperative to get this done” Emirates President Tim Clark told CNBC in an exclusive interview on Sunday. 

Emirates is working with global pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, to address the logistical challenges of distributing coronavirus vaccines, according to Emirates President Tim Clark.

“The industry is trying to establish best practice involving the third-party supply chain and this logistical exercise, to ensure we get them (vaccines) to the markets that need them so badly, and basically that’s the whole planet,” Clark told CNBC in an exclusive interview on Sunday. 

Last week Pfizer announced that its vaccine candidate, developed in collaboration with Germany’s BioNTech, is more than 90% effective in preventing Covid-19. Clark said Emirates and others in the aviation industry were working with Pfizer on the complex logistics of transporting it to the world. 

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