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Axios reports:

Once far-fetched dreams for the future of transportation — delivery drones! driverless trucks! air taxis! — are starting to become reality, thanks in part to huge capital investments and technology advancements.

Why it matters: We’re still in the very early stages of a historic transformation in the movement of people and goods. But some of the pioneers in that climate-driven revolution are notching unmistakable progress in their quest to reinvent mobility.

Driving the news: Axios got to be a fly on the wall this week at UP.Summit, an exclusive confab of 250 transportation entrepreneurs, corporate executives and wealthy investors in Bentonville, Arkansas.

– Their shared mission is to make transportation cleaner, faster, safer and cheaper — whether it’s on the ground, in the air, at sea or in space.

– Now in its fifth year, the private event is hosted by investment firm UP.Partners, Walmart scions Steuart and Tom Walton, and businessman Ross Perot Jr.

– Why Bentonville? Arkansas dreams of becoming a global leader in the future of transportation. (It helps that the state is home to Walmart — the world’s largest company by revenue — which is piloting a number of cutting-edge transportation technologies, including drone delivery and autonomous trucks.)

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