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If it’s true, there’s sad news in the airfreight business, as announces that Evergreen Airlines is to cease operations on 29 November. With the carrier severely afflicted by the downturn in military spending, observers had questioned how long it would last, as debts began to mount. Pilots have reported that the carrier could no longer afford to fly over Canadian airspace. It is thought that commercial staff left yesterday and that only a few military flights remain in the schedule for this month. A source said: “It’s sad news for a pioneer, but a reality of the times and [reflects a] bad strategy to weather the weaknesses.” The carrier is also in the process of fighting several legal battles. However, Evergreen itself has since issued a press release denying the closure, saying: “Rumors that a decision has been made to cease operations at this time are false.” Meanwhile Stateman’s Journal reports that all employees were notified of the closure on Friday by voicemail. Confusing.